• not sure why, but i have one on mine
  • An avatar is an image that represents the "self" in a virtual world. Uploading an avatar can enable near to real interaction. More than likely, those who use default avatars have dull personalities, a boring life and are Grumpy Grumpbags who need to be lined up against the wall and sprayed with the garden hose. lol
  • its never worked when Ive tried .Ive resized pictures to answerbag requirements it still didn't work. I gave up long ago.
  • I used to have one. Now I don't. When the new site was much newer, I tried to upload another, but got frustrated and left it default since then. EDIT: Just tried again, to upload a small (16 kB) .png file as an avatar, and received the message: "Error There was an error with your upload. Make sure you upload a file is less than 2mb and in GIF, JPG, or PNG format." That's why I don't have an avatar, because the site is broken.
  • Maybe they don’t think about it so instead they go for the default avatar image when creating an account. It could be laziness or that it doesn’t enter the person’s mind to upload an image for their avatar. I have an image on my avatar which I chose to upload because I realised shortly after creating my account on here that I could edit the avatar.

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