• I suppose you can overdo anything. I don't know what would happen if you ate too many oranges or just what too many would be. You are asking the wrong person here anyway cuz I love citrus. Am on a grapefruit thing right now, before that it was oranges.
  • Yes, you can eat too many or much of anything. Too many oranges could make you very sick, possibly causing sever stomach pains from soo much acid sitting in there burning a hole.
  • Probably diarrhea from overdose of vitamin C.
  • I hope not. I love oranges and I have never had a problem. But even I dont gorge on them.
  • Yes, oranges are high in vitamin C. Your body does not store vitamin C. It eliminates it. Too much vitamin C will give you diarrhea. Also too much acid is hard on your teeth and stomach
  • i dont think so

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