• Not often anymore I go there. People I liked have gone. Yahoo got worse no respect.
    • Tony VII Fatherson
      it's dead now ...
  • I went to Yahoo answers once they deducted points for either asking or answering a question and I didn't like that idea so I left without ever participating. I loved MSN's Q&A before they closed. Still keep in touch with many friends from there on FB.
    • Tony VII Fatherson
      must have been long ago, in 2019 they stopped deducting points. answering gave you points
    • Victorine
      They never deducted points for asking or answering in my experience. Answering always GAVE you points.
  • i still use it
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      How do you still use it?
    • Linda Joy
      This is and older question. Look at the q_view number. Pearl was here before YA closed. She's still here from time to time.
  • I used Yahoo Answers for over 10 years. I stopped using that question-and-answer site because the powers-to-be announced that the site was going to be taken down.
  • I played on YA since 2008. I used to like it, even though it often turned into a "keyboard slugfest" when they allowed comments to answers. I left because they shut it down.
  • Yes I was on Yahoo Answers for 11 years. I did not choose to leave the website because the website is read only now and will shut down on May 4th
  • No one knows the answer to that question.
  • I did. I left because the site has been shut down.
  • I was there most every morning. Nothing like squashing libtards before breakfast.
  • ya cant use it any more ..4th may it will be no more
  • I actually enjoyed it until Yahoo decided that debate was no longer a good thing and stopped allowing comments on individual questions. When you stifle debate, you stifle truth.
  • I was there from day one. I even stayed after it became a dumpster fire, although at that point, I rarely participated. I held on until Verizon finally killed it.
  • I used to visit Yahoo Answers almost everyday. I left because Yahoo shut their q&a site down.😔 I was sad to see that happen, but that's also how I found this site, so at least some good came from YA closing.😊
  • Yes. It shut down.
  • Guilty. It was lively & was originally great when it was monitored & rules were enforced. But when they stopped monitoring & started permitting multiple sock puppet accounts a few professional political operators began massively spamming the site & it became just another radical leftist toilet clogged with the usual unflushable leftist propaganda.
  • Yes I used to be on Yahoo Answers but I did not leave it. The site was shut down
  • Former user😒
  • I stayed until it shut down last spring. I had used it since around the time it opened in 2005.
  • "Recently"? Hardly! I answered this Q shortly after YA shut down. Why is this site recycling old stuff? 7/15/22
  • (Edited) Only realised I answered this question twice before
  • me, every day
  • I used it till it's end in April 2021. I posted over 125000 answers and amassed over half million points. 7-16-22

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