• A diabetic who likes to bake which is me. Is that a conflict of interest or what? Anyway, cakes and muffins are the things I bake:-)
  • Everything and anything! But most of the time, it doesn't contain chocolate...
  • Just about everything..but I am not very good with basic breads...I think I just need more practice. When you are learning to bake breads I think you have to be willing to have some sacrificial bakings..just so you can see what you are doing wrong:)
  • I like to bake lots of stuff. I used to make wedding cakes from home (now I have lots of dogs and dog hair...too much of a pain). I try lots of different stuff when I find recipes that look interesting. I think my most favorite things to bake though are cheesecake and zucchini bread.
  • I love all kinds of baking. I have been baking breads for nearly 40 years. For awhile we didn't purchase any breads or rolls or any kind of baked goods because I was able to bake them all. AH! I had the time back then lol!!! And I love to bake all sorts of desserts, from the simple to the challenging, just because I love it. I try to write down exactly what I did so things can be repeated and made better every time. I always try to improve. More flavor, better crumb, moister, prettier, quicker. Each time is a grand adventure for me.
  • Pretzels.
    • Linda Joy
      You bake pretzels?
    • Anoname
      Used to.
  • Cinnamon rolls! I love the smell! Brownies because I like to eat them! But I also bake chicken and cornbread, lots of stuff now that I think about it.
  • Chicken and rice dishes, pastas and casseroles. These days- mostly things that are easy and don't dirty up a lot of dishes.

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