• Frequently, it has to do with private and public sector. If you are in the private sector it is management and in the public sector it is administration.
  • Management is a form of administration.
  • administrators do the let them!!!
  • administration
  • Nature of work Administration: It is concerned about the determination of objectives and major policies of an organization. Management: It puts into action the policies and plans laid down by the administration. Type of function Administration:It is a determinative function. Management: It is an executive function. Scope Administration:It takes major decisions of an enterprise as a whole. Management: It takes decisions within the framework set by the administration. Level of authority Administration:It is a top-level activity. Management: It is a middle level activity. Nature of status Administration:It consists of owners who invest capital in and receive profits from an enterprise. Management: It is a group of managerial personnel who use their specialized knowledge to fulfill the objectives of an enterprise. Nature of usage Administration:It is popular with government, military, educational, and religious organizations. Management: It is used in business enterprises. Decision making Administration:Its decisions are influenced by public opinion, government policies, social, and religious factors. Management: Its decisions are influenced by the values, opinions, and beliefs of the managers. Main functions Administration:Planning and organizing functions are involved in it. Management: Motivating and controlling functions are involved in it. Abilities Administration:It needs administrative rather than technical abilities. Management: It requires technical activities More Info
  • Seemona, there's no difference. The word "administration" and "management" are somewhat different when defined in a dictionary. But in the real world of business, they are the same unless one begins splitting hairs. . Some might say that administration involves more things of a paper-pushing or clerical nature. And some may think that management implies some authority over others that administrators do not have. If a company makes this distinction, so be it. But in general, business administration and business management are the same.
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