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  • Always. I think the best time to ask a deep and meaningful question is when you are more emotional and less focused on something intellectual like Answerbag. Whenever you are in one mood extreme or another, I think the right and most meaningful question for you ask will come ot you. Good Luck!
  • That is because questions themselves are esoteric in nature. When some thing happens, three questions arise - what, how and why. You will get an answer to the first question within a short period of time. It is physical in nature. You have to spend more time to answer the second question. It is mental in nature. Different persons may give different answers for the third question. But you will never get a true answer for it - it is philosophical in nature.
  • yea but then i just let one fly from my warped mind-the answers to that one often lead to a serious question---smile and enjoy the night

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