• In *spite* of or *because* of? I generally have a policy not to hate anyone I am not personally acquainted with.
  • I don't know you...why would I hate you? ..hate is a waste of energy.
  • No. In fact, I was just telling someone how much I adored you and look forward to being your closest friend for a very long time.
  • no so long as you're a generally good person, congratulations on your success.
  • I guess i'm gonna take some hits for this but i think this is a very stupid question. You are what you are, I have a hard time hating people for characteristics of their life. So i guess my answer is no.
  • What? I'm not Mel Gibson.
  • you put your pants on the same way I do and your sh*it still stinks like mine does. You are just very insecure and very childish.
  • Well, how could I hate you if you're rich? After all, I might need a loan one of these days. Not many of my other friends are rich, you know.
  • Those are some really stupid reasons to hate someone. Unfortunately I know there are some at least who probably do hate you for those very reasons. Let's start off with your religion. There are too many jackasses out there who believe all the ills in this country (U.S.A) is the fault of the Jews. That's because they are a bunch of backwoods ill imformed closed minded assholes and the world would be much better off without people like that in it. Now let's deal with you being white. Unfortunately there are some (a very very small minority might I add who want to blame everything from their daddy leaving before they were born to their family being on welfare for the last 4 generations and living in the projects on the white man. It's easier for them to blame someone (the white man) instead of applying themselves and trying to do something about their situation and making a better life for themselves than their ancestors did. African Americans have so many opportunities these days to make a better life for themselves. The majority of them try to do just that but unfortunately there is still a very small percentage that want to go through life blaming whitey for their lot in life and make no effort to try and change things. Now being rich doesn't exempt you from being miserable or from many of the problems us common poor folk face. You can have more money than you could ever begin to know what to do with it and still be struck by a fatal illness or have heartach and misery in your life. Pesronally I would much rather be rich in true friends than in money any day of the week. At least I don't have to constantly worry if my friends are only my friends because of what I can give them materially or because they genuinely like me. Getting everything you want is not real happiness at least not long lasting happiness anyway. I would much rather have family and friends who love and appreciate me and I know are always there for me than all the material possions in the world. In order for me to hate you I would have to know you first. Then you would have to o something to really piss me off and even then I would probably forgive you at some point and no longer hate you.
  • Not in spite of it. BEcause of it. Kidding. Hate causes cancer.

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