• I wouldn't that it was for sure but, most likely.
  • for what question was your answer? :)
  • According to Layne's mom and sister they were on and off for many years. They first met at the end of 1986. i am not sure when they got together, but they were engaged in 1990. she was also in the original Sea of Sorrow clip. They were off by mid 1993 because Layne was not faithful on the road. they stayed close friends after that. When Demri was dying in 1996 (she took a long time to die) layne was devestated. i think he saw them eventually getting together again, getting clean, getting married and having children. Layne had several other girlfriends from 1993 to 1996, but none really measured up to demri. they were not together in 1996 because Demri was busted twice for prostitution.

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