• There's a pretty good French place near here. Honestly, if you visited, I'd probably cook. I'm a good chef and the restaurants are expensive.
  • There are only 3 restaurants in this wee little town. Two are pizza places. The other specializes in Portuguese cuisine.
  • Seafood Junction , laid back - long tables with benches and every kind of seafood / steaks you can eat - Buffet + 5
  • I'd take you to Charlie's Front Door, a family owned and operated restaurant with New Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices. My favorite dish there is carnitas and papas with goat cheese and green chile. Outstanding! You can get an alcoholic beverage if you wish. The tortillas are handmade daily, and just the right consistency. I never get enough of Charlie's.
  • hmm...there aren't any really great local restaurants in favorite place is the black cat's a coffee shop with a bar and they make good soups and sandwhiches...they also serve a great grateful dead (it's a long island iced tea with chambord...really tasty) and they have guiness on tap = happy me!
  • A little place called Cathy' 24/7. Nothing fancy just homestyle Southern cooking. You have to wait for your food because it's cooked to order. And they are very generous with it, too.
  • There is a great little bar/restaurant called Diamonds Pub just a few blocks from here. They serve two skewers of marinated steak tips w/garlic smashed potatoes for $12.95 US add a Labatt blue or a glass of wine and that’s a meal. Then walk 2 doors down to Cleary’s Pub for a Pint of Guinness or another wine. Then a 3 block walk back home for a fun/safe night out. (that’s what my wife and I do)
  • Kam's Singaporean Food
  • I'm from lexington, when I visit which is not very often anymore, when I do I always head straight for a tiny drive up place, it's just called hambergers & shakes. Those hambergers are the best I've ever had. I always bring some home and freeze them! Congrats on SAGE!!!!!!!!!
  • There's a great little 'mexican' carry out restaurant called Taco Casa, they make the most unbelievable taco salad...meat, beans, tomatoes, onions, LOTS of cheese and ranch dressing with awesome tortilla chips. You'll never come close to anything like it :)
  • I'd take you to Muldoon's. They have typical bar food and some Irish type food. Very laid back, the people there are very nice and they have great service.
  • I live in a tiny village, or actually outside this tiny village. There are 3-4 places to eat, only 2 would I ever take anyone to. Both are nice, one is a great little cafe that almost feels like a little California cafe but it's here in NY. People ceom from allover to eat there. They make all their own breads and desserts. Very nice!
  • Id take you to Chircos, its a great Italian restraunt and the only sit down place in my town worth going too. There is also a good Mexican restraunt too. So I can I treat you to two meals?

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