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  • Move on, she doesnt want to hurt you so she tells you she loves you but really shes not interested in you anymore. Although she may not love you the way she did before she still cares about yur feelins thats why shes kinda giving you hope, she doesnt want to hurt you.
  • Move on...if she was really in love with you she would be with you...not another guy. She is playing you.
  • Live your life for you, not for someone who can't even be honest with you.
  • Seriously... did you read your own question? If anyone asked you this question you'd know the answer instantly. Let go of whatever delusion you're clinging to and move on.
  • if she loves you why does she have a new boyfriend? you already know what you should do, you just don't want to admit it.
  • ok, she thinks that ur gonna get back together and she still loves you...then y does she have a new bf...that is kinda confusing...i would say wait for her, but how long do you think she'll take? she still loves you but y does she have a new bf...maybe she's trying to find out what you would do to see how much you really care about her...i wouldnt move on...i would say wait but also try to talk to her about it...ask her if she really thinks u 2 r going to be together again and if so whats with the new bf thing? i think either she's trying to get over you or trying to make you jealous but she says you 2 will be together again and she still loves you...i would just ask her what is really going on and see what happens
  • you just broke up and she's already making out with some dude who most likely has stuck his wee wee inside of her....WOW, and you wanna get back with THAT? good luck dude but I say forget that.
  • If she loves you, why is she with another guy? It sounds like she is keeping you around to "fall back on" if this new guy doesnt work out. Dont let her play with your head and your heart like that.
  • Move along little doggie, she is playing you, just in case this guy dont work out, you dont a woman like that, you deserve better.
  • I think you already know the answer. Move on. If she loved you and really wanted to be with you, she wouldn't be playing games... she would be with you and you two wouldn't have broken up in the first place. It seems like she just wants you there in case things don't work out with her new guy. Don't waste your time sitting around waiting for someone to come back to you... the same thing will happen again. Don't put yourself through more pain than you have to.
  • Um, hello? Don't you have any say in your relationships? YOU get to decide with whom you will go out. Leave this loser behind, and seek someone who better fulfills YOUR relationship needs.
  • Tell her you still love her, wait patiently until you are 65, and maybe you will develop wisdom enough to know it wasn't worth it.
  • Move on.It sounds like she is keeping you around in case it doesn't work out with the new guy.
  • she doesn't still miss you, she misses the fact that you two were comfortable with each other. If she loved you you two would have still been together and she wouldn't be with a new guy.
  • Get to the back of the line.
  • Unless you want to be the Dope on a Rope forget about her and move on to a girl who will be your girlfriend now - not after she's done with Jody.
  • take a number
  • If you love her, you wouldn't blame everything on her. 1) Rebounds are a tool to ease the pain for her. 2) there is a reason she did what she did. If you believe she would not have done that at another time in the past then fixing what went wrong would be a step towards getting her back and keeping it this time. 3) she didn't cheat on you. now, you need to get your own life and start not being available to her all the time. she is taking your for granted and she can not be blamed. she can't help it when you are there all the time. let her feel your absence. start dating others and be cool about her new love interest. don't think about what they are doing. Get you s*** together and become confident and she will come running to you in no time. But if you stick around and be needy and pathetic she will eventually move on and find a new third guy that she actually like enough that when he tells her not to talk to you, she won't. Until you love yourself, you can't truely love anyone else. and she has no reason to appreciate you if you don't appreciate what you have. Don't be mean, just be self loving not so available, fun having attractive and interesting human being.
  • I know it's hard because you are still in love with her. We can all sit here and tell you to move on and make you feel awful. The thing is, you just have to wait until you feel stronger. Until then think whatever makes you feel better. But don't meet with her. What the others say is true, but take your time. Eventually it will be easier to move on. I know the early relationships are hard to leave.
  • I would move on. She obviously cares about herself more than either you or the other guy. She may still love you, but I've seen in my experience that sometimes people have skewed ideas of how to show love. That said, wait a few weeks to see the direction things move in. If she seems to detach more and more, move on. If she stays fully interested in you, stick around. Good luck!
  • Sure go ahead.
  • Move on she has!!! Start dating and most of the time they will come running back and if not then you have already moved on. If she comes back to you then you will have a decision to make, but at least you are not sitting around… Life is too short!!!
  • Move on, she doesn't love you..If she did she would break up with him and be with you..She is keeping you on the side just in case the other one dumps her...Is she a Libra?
  • She may love you as a friend ....only. Move on.
  • She's playing you for a chump. Move on and never see or speak to her again, you don't need that shit.
  • She's playing silly mind games at your cost, so move on and don't look back. Never go back she will never bring you happiness, find someone more deserving of your love. I know it's easier said than done, but it will definately be worth it>
  • Move on!
  • She is stringing you along! You are her backup...MOVE ON!!!
  • She may care for you but she don't love you, She told you that so you don't feel so hurt believe me she is not worth it move on their are alot of nice girls that will treat you right.
  • She's moved on and so should you.
  • do you really want her back now that you know shes full of some asshole evry night
  • tell her you only love her if she will give you 10,000 dollars. that will solve your problem
  • um move on...shes a loser, you deserve your own person not to be shared with any1 else
  • i would just move on, she dont sound interested
  • i would move on if shes got a boyfriend
  • She is wanting her cake and eat it too. She in another relationship trying to control you! Drop the _itch!

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