• Yeeou jussss gaattaaaa draaaaaggg everythinggggggg yeeou seeeaaay ouuuuuuuutt.
  • Just watch movies and TV shows where the people have the accent. I can always pick it up (poorly) if I hear people talking that way.
  • besides dragging things out always add a "ya'll"
  • Move south for a few years. It'll rub off on you eventually.
  • watch blue collar comedy. i know its not that funny, but you must if you want this to work. focus on the way they talk and imitate. be careful though... if bcc is taken in too large of quantities it may have a profound effect on you. you may soon notice that you want to wear jeans to formal functions, hunting is beginning to sound like much more fun than it actually is, and freebird is absolutely the greatest rock song ever. at this point the damage is too great. please watch that show responsibly, and if it gets to that point then you cant say i didnt warn you.
    • Roaring
      : )
  • I grew up in WV without an accent. I lived in southern VA for four years and still no accent. After a measly six months in NC, I sound like Scarlet.
  • Live there for quite a few years and you can do a damned good impression which is what I'm fixing to to right bout now.
  • I am moving to Fort, Benning Georgia and i would love to learn the southern accent. My friend said it would take a month or 2
  • A mild stroke can work wonders in that regard.

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