• As far as I know, you can't...
  • It looks like you are more concerned about the year. What you can do is write the date on your posts.
    • Roaring
      Not concerned, just curious as I was on Answerbag in the early 2000's. Someone did mention that the 7 digit number gives you a hint that a lower number is older. All in fun : )
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I'm sure you go a long way back on Answerbag. It is a good idea to have the date displayed in our posts. Other than that, I wouldn't be curious, just go with the flow, since curiosity killed the cat. :)
    • Zotron
      Brilliant idea JR. I answered a dating question by a 14 yr. old. They may be married with 3 kids by now...
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Zotron, 3/2/2019, I have been letting AB'ers know to just write the date to keep track of their posts.
  • I haven't looked myself up from the old AB. I might have to start time stamping every now and then. (3.3.19)
  • You may be able to get a close approximation by looking at the view #. They are in order. Those that start with 102 or have fewer than 7 digits are from the old AB. Ice Man or bootsiebaby could probably help you narrow it down further. I wasn't on AB then. I was on MSN's Q&A. I joined AB almost 2 years ago in the middle of April and the numbers started with 350, maybe even 349, I don't remember exactly, but I could look it up. Ice Man once said that a question had been posted ten years earlier because it was posted by a man named Nelson who has since passed away. I never knew him, but what I read of him inspired me. Maybe that can help you narrow down the year?
    • Roaring
      Thanks Linda Joy Your question got me curious.
  • Tuesday Oct 14 2008 11:47AM
  • i dont think you can

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