• Here are a few: • Germany invading Poland (Sept. 1939) • Germany invading France (May 1940) • Battle of Britain • Breaking of the Enigma cipher (May 1941) • Operation Neptune / D-Day • Pearl Harbor • The Doolittle Raid • Battle of Midway • Iwo Jima • The atom bombings
  • Hitler's will/megalomania, bluffing England & France early in the war, winning him many victories. . Winston Churchill kept England fighting. I'm not an expert in this aspect, but I've heard that many of the English aristocracy, and the guy who almost became Prime Minister instead, were more willing to negotiate. . Hitler's will/megalomania later in the war, causing him to invade the USSR and declare war on the US... just about 100% chance of losing after that. Also it caused him to decree no retreat in many places, which was the cause of many defeats. And his self-delusions as to the superiority of the German "race", and the corrupt/politically-inclined Nazi party, kept Germany from fully converting to a war economy until too late. . Stalin's reign of terror which was a major factor in holding the USSR together. The USSR fought about 80% of the war (number of months vs number of regiments) against Germany. . In the Pacific, the attack on Pearl Harbor, which got the US involved, dooming the Axis. . Various battles could have gone one way or another, but once the US and its industry got involved, and the UUSSR didn't collapse, the end result was certain.
  • ENIGMA machine got by the Brits of a U boat inthe north alantic
  • The start of it.
  • Operation Barbarossa & the Manhattan Project
  • The atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and a couple days later the atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki.
  • Because the Rothschilds supplied the currency required to fight the war to all the main countries involved (USA, UK, and Germany) they had the most to gain from the outcome of the war. It was all preplanned and resulting outcome. This was the main influence on WWII as well as WWI. You can actually include all wars and conflicts from WWI to the current wars in the Middle East.

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