• have no idea
  • The South DID win the war - before it ever started. When they repealed their original ratification of the US Constitution prior to seceding, they unwittingly jerked the proverbial rug out from under the North, leaving them powerless. Since this was before the Confederacy was created, there would have been no Confederate flag as one might imagine - the national flag would have continued as it had always been.
  • One wonders what might have happened. The possibilities are so many that we can't make a good guess. *** For example *** Would the Confederacy have abolished slavery once it realized how it adversely affected their economy? That seems extremely likely...but then what? *** Rejoin the U.S? *** What if several subsequent wars to regain the Confederate states means the two nations are bitter enemies? *** The Confederacy becomes an ally of the USSR? *** The Confederacy joins the Axis in WWII? WWII is fought here as well as in Europe? *** etc. We don't even know IF the Confederacy would have survived this long (either voluntarily or not), how many states it would have IF it survived, etc. It's not possible to make a reasonable guess as to what the flag might look like today given that single hypothetical.
  • Like one ugly flag, that's for sure.

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