• Since he wants you to stay he obviously thinks you are a good employee. He wants to keep you on. If that's true, he will understand your commitment to school especially if your education is in the nursing or medical field. If you want to stay on full time, explain to him up front that you are a student first, and work will have to be after school, double shifts are not possible when classes are in session.
  • I'd think hard about it. The facility is chronically short staffed. Is that because they purposefully understaff it? Is it because of high turnover rate? If so, why does it have such a high turnover rate? Both reasons for chronic understaffing indicate an unhappy work environment. I'd talk to the employees before making your decision. I've worked in nursing homes like this and its never a good experience.
  • theyre probably doing a double cause they dont have enough workers, if you took the job you might be giving them a break

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