• This previous "Answer" isn't very good answer. You can embed video easily in external web pages, so why can't you embed YT video in email? This is a valid question and shouldn't be taken lightly. The reason it is valid is because some people can't click on links in email to watch a video (maybe they're at work???) but if it were embedded in the email, there wouldn't be a problem. I don't really like the answer, "You Don't" If it's not possible, then say that. In this case, it is possible to do this. If you have a mac running safari. Go to the webpage that has the video, and click on <File><Mail Contents of This Page> It might not look right when you're getting ready to send it, but when it shows up on the other end, it will have the video embedded. As a matter of fact, the email will be an exact copy of the web page. Pretty cool. Go Safari/Mail!
  • OK Folks, I think what happens when companies do this is they are actually putting a picture that links to a website. Copy URl, got to save to desktop, Convert file to .mov .wmv. Upload to dailyemotion, folow directions, not the same as sending through GMAIL but it works. Nice product.
  • Well, strictly speaking, Gmail strips out the embed codes for YouTube. Yes, strange as that sounds. However, the best available answer is to use a bookmarklet named Lizzer ( It lets you search, find, and insert a YouTube into Gmail. However, when you insert, Lizzer will actually insert an image that's linked to the actual YouTube page. This is the best available work-around if you want to send a YouTube in Gmail. Check it out at

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