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Ok so I really advice how to politely tell a family I am no longer interested in babysitting for them. Please read all of this because it's not as simple as saying "I don't like your kids". They have 4 kids and a baby who are pretty crazy so I bring a sibling to help out. But my problem is not with the kids. It's the parents who drive me up the walls! They NEVER come at the time when we make plans and are least always 30 minutes - 2 hours late. They also cancel last minute all the time! I was going to go babysitting for them at 8 am and was waiting for them by the door. And then I get a text at 9am saying I don't need to babysit anymore. They also never let me know if the are expecting someone to come over. For example, one day they asked me to babysit while they went out to dinner. I was a bit hesitant to say because my sibling couldn't come with me to help. But I did say yes because they are my highest paying family and I could really use the money. So I got there expecting to only babysit 4 kids because they usually took the baby with them and it turns out I was babysitting BOTH their friends 2 kids AND the baby! So I ended up babysitting 7 kids. And they were like, "oh yeah! Is it ok if you babysit our friends kids because we already told them you would!" Of course I was forced to say yes and was so overwhelmed and exhausted that night. And another thing is that they guilt me into cleaning their house for them! Which is extremely difficult when 5 kids are begging for your attention. Please help, I don't know what to say to them!

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