• i keep it clearned out, i read rnost of rny ernails
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Whether you keep it cleared out or cleaned out: both are readable for the viewers. ^_^
  • I have about 7 thousand unread emails in my inbox
    • Wakko
      I don't believe you.
    • Linda Joy
      I believe it. But I usually use my spam email address for validation purposes and signing up for crap.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Good idea.
  • "I have over 10,000, everyone loves me" :P
    • Linda Joy
      That's hate mail! I know because I sent it! JK. That's not what you said on another post! hahaha!
    • Wakko
      Oh crap, that was a typo. Take off the 1 and the first three 0s. xD
  • I've had the same email since 1996..Yes, I have to keep it cleaned out.
    • Linda Joy
      For a second I thought maybe you had a special email from 1996 that you were saving. But now I'm thinking you mean you have the same email address since 1996. If I had a business I'd have a separate email address for that than I do for family and friends. Folders are also useful. I need to make one for AB.
    • Azlotto
      I've also had the same phone number since 1985.
    • Linda Joy
      I've lost almost everything I own four times over in the past 10 years! Everything except a precious few photos and documents.
  • Yes, I like to keep things in "order." I do read all my emails and address them all, whether they are personal or social messages from all my social media accounts. Last weekend I received a lot of feedback on this site. I have addressed everyone's comments, so no one can say I did not get back to them.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      A side note for all my fellow AB'ers: I mostly take the weekends off from Answerbag. If I do not get back to ya in time, ya can count that I will whenever I find the time.
    • Linda Joy
      I didn't have notifications for a long time, but they started again. I don't answer each one. I like to see who likes my comments, but then I delete it. I don't feel every comment needs a reply and on a busy day which has only happened once recently I can't keep up, and I don't feel obligated to track down every comment everyone leaves. I recently picked up my phone and the notification said I had 89 new messages at 5pm and I had cleared my notifications at 6am, two weren't from AB. I'm retired. I'm not going to make it a job to answer AB comments. But when I was working I liked to keep it neat and clean too! I don't read my notification emails from Walmart delivery. I just glance at them then go back if it doesn't show up. And I seldom read the Veteran's Health emails. Come to think of it I haven't seen a lot of spam lately in my email. YAY!
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I remember you asked a question, saying how can you get your notifications back after you had unsubscribed from Answerbag. With 1700 questions in your profile, there is no way I am going to find the question I am referring to. I just remember the question, cause I had also unsubscribed from Answerbag with my personal email account. Talk about getting unwanted notifications on a mobile device. I enjoy getting feedback. I appreciate your comment. That lets me know you want to have a conversation with me. In fact, I still have our email exchange when I contacted you. I kept it to see which AB'ers am I going out of the bag with. Using a specific email account for all my Answerbag feedback allows me to see all my comments in which I can't miss. I don't see it as a job to address each and every single comment I receive. I do it out of generosity. To your remarks about deleting comments, I mostly keep religious comments. You never know when the accidents are going to unfold, so I keep them for reference.
    • Linda Joy
      I've been less active on AB since starting chemo. I didn't understand all of what you said. I've realized most of what I've been through was so I could help others through it when their time comes, and I've done that here as well. The way I see it if I don't use the experience to help others then it was all for nothing, and that doesn't set well with me AT ALL!! I realized this first with the child abuse. But there are some that ask questions just for the purpose of contending with others, and some that will argue about anything - including themselves, and I've done it myself as well! I've decided to try and reduce the negativity in my life while on chemo. I just don't think its healthy physically or spiritually. But I do get sucked in. As for finding a particular question I've found some limited success searching google specifically with the word answerbag and as much as I can remember of the question. Good luck!
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      You didn't understand all I said, but I understand everything you said, including being aware of your older questions. Answerbag does not have a lot of members were we would lose track of most of them. Almost anything that goes with a low amount of members on this site is not easily forgotten. And by the way, in regards to your question, I still have our email exchange using Gmail. I think our exchange is a must have for "reference." Other than that, everybody's different. We all come to this site for a certain reason. With many reasons, it's always helpful to get sucked in if we are staying relevant to a subject.
  • For further advice: 1000 unanswered emails is way too many. I say keep the ones you think are important, look important and get rid of what appears to be spam immediately before it gets out of control.
  • I try to keep it as clean as possible.
  • I don't read all of them, thankfully I can tell from the sender and the subject what is junk or spam. I do my best not to let the in box get too full. :)
  • I read all e-mail that I get
  • I keep it cleaned out and check it often throughout the day - you never know when AB notifications will start working again. I don't read all of them since most of it is spam that I just dump.
  • I keep it as clean as possible.

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