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  • Nothing can be done to make him happy and she should only change if she wants to. Still he should love her no matter what.
  • no.she is being "herself". this will never work for your friend.he never bother to look before he leaped.
  • Maybe she is the type that is just not comfortable wearing clothes like that.
  • Did she not dress like that when he married her or did he expect her to change herself for him? What does he love about her that made him want to marry her? Maybe he should focus on that instead of how she dresses?
  • He could always take her back to the wife store and trade her in. Seriously, though, there shouldn't be a problem. He married her, and if he has a problem with a trivial thing like her preference in clothing, then he needs to think about some, anything else.
  • He sounds rather selfish for her to dress only for him and not realize that she may be more comfortable in her type of clothes. Did she always dress this way? Or has she changed now that she 'has him'? It would be wonderful if they could meet in the middle with her occasionally dressing for him but not necessarily in things HE bought her, but just where she is comfortable. And he could learn to appreciate her taste in clothes.
  • It's not selfish for her to wear the clothes of her choice. If anything, i believe it's extremely selfish and immature of him to expect her to wear the clothing that he chooses for her. As for making him happy with her - if he could be adult enough to see past her clothing long enough to see the person that she is, then maybe he'd be happy. <though i do wonder how she could be happy with a husband like>.
  • sounds like your friend is the one who's being selfish...I bet he would spit the dummy if she told him what to wear ...sounds like he needs to grow up
  • I think, yes, she's being selfish. And unlike some other posters said, we're not talking about not accepting her as a person, you should love her no matter what she wears, etc; we're simply talking about dressing nice and sexy sometimes, that's all. It's fine if she wants to wear comfortable clothes sometimes, but there's nothing wrong or selfish about a man who would like to see his girl wear something sexy now and then. It's human nature. I'm sure if the roles were reversed and if he was letting himself go wearing crappy clothes a lot of women would be up in arms about it, but when a man suggests it in the opposite role some women get so defensive. And as well, if he never wanted her to wear anything nice and refused, to say, let her wear that stuff in public when she wants because he's jealous, women would again be very defensive. There's give and take in relationships as we all know and I think she should be open to wearing that stuff; it could make her feel incredibly sexy herself too.
  • i dont think she's being selfish. HE is. As the husband, he should probably find her attractive in anything. And if he had that much of a problem he should tell her. Maybe buy her a nice dress and take her out and then ask her to do that more often when they go on dates. Maybe gradually, she will start dressing up
  • maybe should make him wear it all the time, when he sees how long it takes to squeeze into that little dress maybe he'll shut up about it.:>)
  • long did they date before they got married? Did she do a bait and switch? Did she dress really provocaively while they were dating and then after marriage she turned into a frump? Or did he change? If he loves her he is not going to dictate to her what she should or should not wear..does she dictate what he should wear? Now, has she gained weight? Maybe she is self-conscious. How long have they been married? Is his eye wandering? Is he attracted to sexy babes and his wife doesn't measure up? What's really going on here? :) Happy Thursday! :)
  • He can always take her on Maury for a make-over.
  • That he is discussing his wife and his marriage to such an intimate degree with a female friend is what I find strangely disturbing. What's the (tri) angle there? Somehow I don't think it's quite the way to go for THEIR marital issues..
  • I think maybe she should consider dressing up in the nice clothes for him once in a while. On the other hand, Mickie has a point. If he had to go through what she will... he may change his tune. =p
  • This is a question right out of the Twighlight Zone
  • Well, it IS his wife after all. He should respect the fact that it is his wife, and just have a talk with her. Maybe he needs to let her know how he feels she should dress, and then they both can go from there. She may not want to change, and if he really loves her, he should accept that she doesn't want to change. Some women just like to dress in men's clothing, and maybe your friend should find peace in that.
  • Dump her rightaway.
  • Maybe if he gave his wife more compliments and made her feel beautiful she might start to dress more stylish.. But he should love her no matter what she wears.. and maybe if they have special romantic nights once in a while she can treat him by wearing some sexy clothes.. :) ;) ;) :)
  • selfish?... no, I would say she is just being herself and I bet she was doing this when he met her.
  • He needs to accept her for who she is or they need to seek counseling to come onto some even, compromising grounds. It also sounds like his dress up routine may involve some fetishes. If he's confiding in you, it's likely that there are a lot more, deeper problems that are festering within him that are making for an unhappy marriage. Sometimes men complain, because they're looking for sympathy from another woman, YOU, and it can turn into an affair to "temporarily" distract his mind; he may then realize his wife's taste is clothes is no longer the most important thing in their marriage and be happy with her - after trying you out! Be careful.
  • No. HE should wear the clothes he bought if he likes them so much!! He needs to let her wear what SHE wants to wear. And next time he should choose someone who already dresses as he likes.

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