• It could mean several things. Perhaps that person finds you attractive. Perhaps they are secretly in love with you. Perhaps they think you are a good person and would like to get to know you better but don't know how to approach you. Perhaps they are obsessed with you. Perhaps they just stare at random people. Perhaps they are thinking and don't realize they are staring at anything in particular. Perhaps they are just creepy like that. Then again, they could be staring at some odd physical feature you may have... or that piece of spinach between your teeth. You never really know sometimes. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, go up to them and ask them why they are watching you. Be a little nice about it, because chances are you will embarass them by saying it.
  • they probably like you
  • I've experienced that a lot. I still do. It usually means a particular person is checking me out, and wants to get to know me. :D
  • 3-23-2006 Probably has nothing better to do.
  • they probably like you

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