• I know it has something to do with sugar but I don't know the exact process. Also, is there anything I can do to get rid of the gross bloated feeling I have? thanks loads :]
  • Sugar Rush plus if you were eating chocolate candy, a caffeine rush. (chocolate has caffeine). Followed by a crash. (what you're experiencing now) Drink lots of water, don't have any tea or coffee. You'll be fine!
  • Sugar crashes. Your body got a surge of quick energy from the refined sugars and stopped making sugar from the other foods (and started storing those foods instead = fat). Consequently, when the sugar ran out you didn't have a slow steady stream of body made sugar ready and you crashed (ran out of fuel) So basically you got a short rush of energy at the expense of increased body fat and loss of energy afterwards.
  • Maybe the fact that you haven't eaten for four days.

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