• (Smiling-fond memories!) I think that's normal. Feel them all. I'd also suggest you Journal about this day it's something you may want to look back on.
    • Black Mystique
      We took some pictures. Thank you for suggesting to journal :-)
    • Linda Joy
      I'm old! I get the details from my son and my grandson's life confused quite often. As I raised them both during the early years.. but also you forget things as you get older things that you'd like to remember. Journaling is good for you also for keeping track of life cycles, cause and effect patterns, allergens, names and dates, emotions, all kinds of useful information can be Journaled. But I think most importantly a record of your life for your progeny to look at after you're gone.
  • Both. I;m not a mother but I'm going into high school next year and my mom's both. Sadly her daughter's growing up, yet, not she gets to pursue her own life....I think
  • its probably normal for you to feel the way you do

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