• No, but I'm always happy when I get a certain waitress at a particular Italian restaurant. She's a lot of fun and knows exactly what I always get.
  • No, usually the servers are different every time I go to my favorite restaurants, except the one that has only one server.
  • I used to frequent a restaurant with a group of friends and we would always sit in the same spot. The waitresses rotated sections so we usually got different ones but we liked most of them.
  • Yes. And if the waiter is working, the hostess will tell him / her that I am a "call" party. Chances are he will remember me and that can make for a consistantly good dining experience.
  • No but we might request a particular table.
  • Most restaurants I go to assign a group of tables, roughly in the location in the restaurant, to each server to avoid the servers running into one another. If you want a specific server I suggest asking for a table in that servers area before sitting down. Of course that can increase the chances you will have to wait, or you may have to wait longer.

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