• I would like for them to have a category like that, So we can show the one we are congratulating it is for them and not for the points!
  • Yes, I think people would still do it if there were no points. We get to know people here, and like them. We have fun encouraging them. I think most people here would still ask and answer *all* types of questions if the point system went away completely. The points are a fun bonus, and the changing levels are cool, but that's not the primary reason for being here, IMHO.
  • I would. I like being noticed, so why not let others share the feeling of being noticed?
  • Those who are sincere in their congratulations would continue to ask. So I think no points is a great idea!!
  • Yes I do! I also welcome Beginner and Novice users to AB by commenting. And I don't get points for that. ;p
  • Yeah, I think they would. Most of the people that do the congratulating don't need the points anyway.
  • I would. I think it's a nice gesture to do for friends.
  • I would. I only ask for close friends and I would do it even if I lost points.
  • Yes,Even if they do it for points it's really not a big deal when you look at the bigger problems in life. I like to see others happy news
  • I don't think people do it just to get points, cuz I do it and I didn't know you could get points... The points system is still kinda hard for me to "get". I would do it anyways, I don't even know those people in particular, but I think it's pretty cool.
  • sure I would I don't do it for everyone only those I consider good friends and the points mean nothing to me.
  • You don't seem to have much respect for your fellow baggers -- you think they issue appreciation just for points? So isn't this question really about you, and how you're above all that?
  • I really don't care. It does not bother me one bit if someone gets points for congratulating another user. I am certain that the largest part of the motivation to do so comes from a heartfelt appreciation for the person they are congratulating and that is good enough for me. I am very sure the congrats would be made in almost every case even if no points were involved.
  • I have been congratulated twice since I have been here. The two wonderful people who posted the question mean a lot to me and from the way they treat me I know for a fact that even if points were deducted instead of added they would have done so. Because the fact that they were truly happy for me. I won't say that you are dead wrong because it is possible that there could be some who do so to gain points, but you must consider that the points do nothing but go up. You can't cash them in for anything. From what I can see there is more good that come from these post then bad. I was asked by someone to post a happy birthday post for another member. I happened to like this member very much and would have gladly gave the points that I gotten to post it just because I was happy do that for a fellow member.
  • i do actually.
  • If I feel I want to recognize someone for something I admire, or a special occasion, points would have no impact one way or another.
  • Just my point of view..... To me Friendship means far more than a 1,000.000 points to me. And the comment box gives us a way to express our selfs to one another about the topic's. To myself the comment's mean much more than the points.........M.C.S.
  • I feel the same way, about one person in particular, not naming any names. They stalk the leaderboard to see who makes it to sage today, just so they can post it. Most of the people they congratulate aren't on their friends list, or anything. So while I think its a nice gesture to congratulate others on thier accomplishments, some people DON'T do it for others, but as you said, just to get points, and I don't agree with those motives. But it is nice to congratulate others, don't get me wrong..
  • I would still do it. In the same manner that I answer interesting questions, even though I know that I would not be getting any points for it.
  • I would still do it for no points. I like to acknowledge the great, deserving people here.
  • I don't think I've ever participated in one of those question threads. If I have, it wasn't for the points.
  • Again..this question gets rehashed over and over. People who don't like it should just ignore it...or they can always join in. Your choice...
  • Points don't matter in these to me; I think it's the support/encouragement of ABers in congrats (and as a whole) that matters. That's the thing that makes this site so great!

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