• 8-24-2017 That is called "stink eye" and only women do it. Men just poke each other and say something uplifting, like "STFU, you dork!"
    • Linda Joy
      There's that, too, but sometimes its more like 'why would you do that?!' Or 'what were you thinking? !' Or 'can you seriously be that dumb, or thoughtless!?' Or sometimes shock and horror! Other times I'm trying not to laugh at how karma kicked them in the head for being an ass - usually to me in exactly the same way! Lol just the other day a doctor was talking to me and I know I had that look that said 'why would anybody do such a stupid thing?!' Of course these thoughts are often followed by little snippets of how I've done the same stupid stuff myself!
  • no, i try not to if i dont want them in my business
  • Afraid so!
  • 8-26-2017 Well I think we are pretty clear on where VSM-L stands!
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Vittorio Sam Manunta-Lowell (easy huh?)
  • Me -- and everyone else. Some people are harder to read then others and some at better at reading. Ask a poker player.
  • I do the lifted right eyebrow.
  • Yes, many times. In fact it happened when a boy in my class asked me for some stupid help, and my look was like "nooooo !!!" And it was so clear, that he said "are you an actor ?" These type of comments and expressions are common to me now.
  • Oh, bigtime! I'm a judger. I have high standards and when people didn't meet them it came out on my face. I was a supervisor and one immature co-worker once said, I gave him a look sometimes that made his balls shrivel up. I was kind of proud of that. got it from my mother. 😅
  • No. I rarely smile, and fairly stone faced. Now that I have a surgical mask on everytime I'm out, I suspect I'm pretty much inscrutable.
  • I'm a judger. yeah I own it, so I learned not to voice my opinion. but it shows up on my face. LOL!
  • a wink and a smile
  • NO. I intentionally make facial expressions to convey my thoughts.
  • Apparently I have facial expressions that tell other people thoughts that literally never crossed my mind.

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