• Sounds like you need the graphics card. All the software needed should be included in the box. If you have an "on board" graphics card consider getting professional help for the upgrade as it can be very complicated, otherwise do it yourself as it is very easy.
  • OK, having answered your first question perfectly well. I feel I need to tell you now to go to a shop and get advice there along with letting them install it for you! Even thinking software could be external means you have so little knowledge of a computer that you should not try an upgrade yourself.
  • Everything you'll need for an average installation will be included in the OEM box. If you're purchasing this product online from a dubious source and not from a proper retailer, you may just wind up with a "pulled card" (used) with no driver/ software cd. If you're running win xp and have auto updates enabled, this won't be a huge issue as the card will work right off the bat without anything software wise, installed, but if you want it's advanced features, you'll need to have the latest drivers and software for that card. As I mentioned earlier, if this is an OEM purchase, everything you'll need will be in the package, including the composite and S video cables needed to hook up to a TV or VCR. What YOU need to do is to make sure that your motherboard actually supports PCI Express and a monitor that will hook up to the card. I'm not sure if that card comes in a dual VGA/ DVI out for the monitor hook up. If it does, no issues, you can hook virtually any monitor up to it. If it doesn't, you'll have to pony out for a DVI-VGA adapter, if your monitor has a VGA pin out.
  • It seems to me that getting annoyed and being rude isn't the best way to encourage people to help you. It isn't a simple yes or no answer. You had a thorough answer from Scubabob and he told you it will work straight out of the box, but to use any advanced features you will need the manufacturers driver. If it isn't on a CD supplied with the card download it from the manufacturer's website.

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