• It could be defective RAM. Try removing one of the RAM modules if you have more than one. Otherwise it might be something more serious, like the hard drive or motherboard.
  • The power plug is notorious for letting go in these laptops....I have one and it too let go.I ended up doing it myself, cost under $15.00. Please see this artical If your not too technically savy and can't replace the power jack yourself (involves removing your mother board and soldering a new plug in without damaging anything else near it)your better off just getting a new laptop as the cost to replace the motherboard would not be worth it and your laptop is already an antique in technology years.
  • Just fixed three M35 M35X in a row with the same problem, guys. I couldnt find anything online that gave me ANY CLUE. Video card is bad, right? Wrong. PASS IT ON TO OTHER BLOGS PLEASE, I will get it started here. Heres the fix: This requires access to the cpu and heatsink, remove the keyboard and palmrest to access the motherboard, I think you have to remove the screen too. Remove the heatsink and cpu. Reseat the cpu, heres the kicker, press firmly on the center of the cpu while turning the locking screw. Pressing the cpu hard, allows the locking mechinism to get a good bite. Turn the locking screw hard into the end of the turn. Hook up the heatsink and set it back on top of the cpu. Press down on the heatsink over the cpu, fairly strong pressure. Now test the motherboard, use just cpu, heatsink, memory, power button board and cable and external monitor, you can use your screen instead by just hooking up the cable to motherboard, leave the screen laying flat on the table. Now push the power button with one hand and the other is still applying pressure to the heatsink, no you dont need to screw it down yet. Keep reseating the cpu with varying degrees of pressure if you dont get it go the first time. The trick will be to get it all assembled with the same results. There seems to be a problem with the cpu seating correctly, it must come loose and the laptops exhibit the symtoms of no video. It might even be neccessary to insert a wafer thin piece of copper or something in between the cpu and heatsink if the heatsink doesnt apply enough pressure to cpu to keep it seated deep enough to run the computer. Am I a genius or what, lol. I am not, but I am sure surprised no one else has posted this info over the years. Hope this helps someone with this frustrating problem with the M35 M35x and many more models. Hope this helps someone.
  • i am a senior laptop motherboard technician with 6 years experience and recently i created my own business... this model is one of hundreds that i specialize in and i can repair any m35x with no video for 95 dollars flat rate. please email me or call me Dan Ferch 805-732-3996
  • Guys, I think that this isn't a problem with the video. This sounds like the same problem I have ... no power to certain components (or periodic power) Ivan Mateski figured it out. Its really easy to test, worked on mine in less than 5 min. The fix is more involved but has a bunch of success stories. It involves re-soldering the MAXIM chip between the video and power ports on the m/b. Here is the link to the blog of the genius that found the answer ALL CREDIT GOES TO HIM

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