• Well, my children are young and in my house we have a no TV rule for the hours in which the kids are awake. No TV at all, EVER. BUT I will admit I have watched Treehouse (kids station) while pregnant and have to say I HATE the show 'Ruby and Max' I thought it was really sexist in that all the girls always wanted to have Tea parties or dress up and all the boys only ever wanted to get dirty. And the obvious of course is adult programming (Simpons, Futurama, etc). I would also never allow my kids to watch Sesame Street but only because I'm very against the advertising in that program.
  • I hate when my brother starts watching Naruto. Cause then he starts telling me the meaning of hand symbols and trying to teach me jutsus and rattling off back story. All, without my permission, because I genuinely just don't care.
  • YU-GI-OH because it is just plain stupid.
  • When my youngest daughter was about 7 or so, she watched Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh...GRRRRRR they both got on my LAST nerve.

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