• I think currently, "Men should be wary that Leaders don't think" is more appropriate.
  • I think there's an incredibly amount of merit in that statement! Just look at the course of events after he wrote it.
  • what were you doing in someone else's toilet???
  • The masses are followers... Remember the experiments that were done where subjects were asked to administer pain to other students...? As long as they were told to, they kept on even when the apparent screams were quite bad... it was found that as long as someone else is in an authority or leadership position, people will do whatever they're told, essentially... ...and as someone else said, just look what happened to the entire nation of Germany in the years after he wrote those words...
  • Ask that douchebag Obama...he's quoted the works of Marx often. Most recently by stating publicly: "It's time we stop rewarding wealth and start rewarding wealth" Fuck that. I want to be endowed with wealth...not work. How 'bout you?
  • who keeps a copy of mein kampf right next to the toilet??!?!?! beast of a human right there..
  • "i think therefore i am" not sure who made the statement but i pity the man who does not think for himself and others
    • Linda Legion
      The quote is by Des Cartes - I think therefore I am.
  • Yes, because if people would turn off the TV long enough to really think about things, they might realize that the government has apparently forgotten that they work for us- not the other way around. Also, most people don't give much thought to anything past the word "change" when it comes out of a political candidates's mouth. Change isn't usually a good thing these days- consider "globalization" and the ramifications to the U.S. economy. Just something to think about.
  • I would think that he is saying is that if the masses carry on their everyday lives,and do not complain on how the government is run,then leaders can do as they please.
  • Whose toilet ?
  • Mein Kampf isn't the best toilet reading material and I'd hate to think of all the microscopic defecation on the paper! But no. Hitler wasn't a very good leader and he would have failed were it not for learning showmanship and having a competent team. People actually DO think - all the time. But the art is making them give in to incredulous fears and petty insecurities.
  • He was basically saying that if people did think, wars wouldn't get fought. And leaders like war-mongering. Therefore keep the "sheeple" dumb, then they will pick up guns and fight.
  • i dont think hitler knew what he was talking about since he was so evil

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