• I think that all that is history. At that time it was every man for himself. The common people thought that everything was honest and perfect because the politicians told them it was. The West was thought to be more civilized than other country. That sounds ridiculous today, but at the time it was a good excuse to pretend that they were bringing civilization to countries that needed it. Today I think we should be more concerned with the fact that no one is bothering about the people who are fleeing all the undemocratic countries that should be looking after them.
    • Abha
      Yeah. But the way the foreigners were behaving to countries like india, it doesn`t seem like they were helping....
  • True. In a world of greed and control, only the strongest people or things continue to live or be successful. The less powerful Asian countries would have done the same if they had the power to control the world.
  • False not in your life time. Give us an example of a European country that did as you say? What Has China been doing for the last 50 years? Do you think you should be held reasonable for the crimes of your parents and grandparents?
  • Not really, they didn't eliminate them, they more or less conquered and enslaved them. Not sure that could be seen as being any better, but, there you go. Also, if you want to go back far enough, the all modern European cultures trace back to migrating people trying to get away from dangerous Asian tribes. The Avars, Huns, and even the Mongols applied pressure to the Slavs, who moved west to escape slaughter, which, in turn, placed pressure on the Germanic tribes, who spread out from what is now Poland and Eastern Germany to lands as far as Portugal to the west. This essentially eliminated the Romans, as pressure from the Germanic tribes was a key catalyst in the fall of the Roman Empire, after which the Romans were assimilated into the fiefdom of the Germanic ethnocultural identity. The Celts, who were in Europe before this event, are pretty much all that is left of western European pre-migration culture. But it was the descendants of the displaced Germanic peoples who made up the British, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian cultures that colonized the rest of the world. They probably would have never been able to conquer anything if they hadn't learned the strategies of the Asian peoples that herded them out of eastern Europe over a thousand years ago...
  • That did happen in a few places, notably the Congo and India. Although "eliminating them" is inaccurate, IMHO. Those nation still exist and are doing relatively well in the world market. The empire of Japan also did the same thing. China is trying to do it now too. The Americans did that in the last 2 centuries here in the US too. Riches are nice in a nation as long as your enemies can't take them from you. Human nature has shown us for thousands of years that we will take whatever we can from anybody who can't fend off the attackers. 11/1/23

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