• Crunk is older than five years, firstly. Secondly, it isn't so much a part of 'American' jargon, but its populairty in southern hip-hop culture allowed it to 'jump the fence'. Crunk is a word that can be several things. It is most often recognized as a type of music, typically fast paced, energetic and with heavy bass. Crunk is also considered a state of being; A t-shirt worn by a young, black man in an old club described crunk as 'excitement beyond the ability to control oneself'. A humorous definition, yes, but if you've ever witnessed crunk for yourself, you might seem inclined to agree. Crunk is, arguably, more than a decade old in terminology. The reason it may be believed younger is because of recent trends in crunk artists making national hits. -Ron A Quarles III
  • I have not a clue about the word which I have never heard before. But I am surprised at your attitude that words somehow have a "best before" date. If that were so, the whole English language would have been thrown out by now: every word was new once. Words live as long as people use them. If it is still in use, somebody wants it, so they should keep using it. Are you going to throw out, say, "podcast", because that must be about five years old now?
  • There's a TON of slang terms that are older than five years. Do you know how long people have been calling things 'cool'?
  • Combination of the words Crazy and Drunk... ie; I wanna get crunk... Source: Urban dictionary Related:

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