• I believe it may have come from Missile Command, but thats just a thought, because your taking care of all your bases and not letting one of them get shot. I dont know but it works to me =]
  • I heard it came from the first baseball game between NY and Braves. The head coach said, covering all your bases will ensure homerun success.. I'm not exactly sure but that's what I heard..
  • It is indeed a baseball term. Whether it has an earlier, independent origin I can't say. That being said... in every baseball situation, a defensive player is assigned to "cover" (i.e., be available to make a play by being near) a "base," one of four positions, arranged in a diamond shape, which an offensive player attempts to circumnavigate, counterclockwise. It is a fundamental error to be in the wrong place ... so, by extension, "cover your bases" means to make preparations thoroughly. cover all the bases (American & Australian, American) to deal with every part of a situation or activity. It's a pretty full report. "I think we've covered all the bases."
  • i guess it did originate from the baseball game and it does mean to make throh prep. 1st base is whn u kiss 2d base is whn u paly with the boobs 3rd is whn u "pett"(petting) 4th is whn u have the final sex

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