• I haven't found anything about the drug being 'pulled' for any reason. Is it something that the pharmacy itself no longer carries or did the pharmacist say that the FDA or the drug company 'pulled' the drug? Many drug stores will discontinue carrying certain drugs, depending on what the demand is. Drugs are being replaced with newer, better drugs. Recently a certain inhaler was "pulled" meaning it was discontinued at the pharmaceutical company, having been replaced by a new one. spastrin bellergal-s is an old drug, meaning it has been around for a while. Its ingredients are belladonna, ergotamine, and phenobarbital all of which are well known and are "safe" when used as directed. However they are also "dangerous" drugs in that they can be tricky and are easy to OD on with adverse reactions. They are also drugs very much favored when it comes to drug abuse. Thus it may simply be that a safer drug has come along that is now replacing the old drug. We are not talking about a "new" drug that suddenly has been found to cause heart attacks or stroke or something along those lines. It is most likely due to not enough customers have a prescription for it. If in doubt call your doctor and explain to him/her that the medication was "pulled". I'm going out on a limb here and will say that maybe there is a better newer drug which has taken the place of this one and would work as well or better than the old prescription. Ask your doctor, or call other pharmacies in your area.
  • Perhaps your Mom needs to check with her physician. Often they will prescibe medication for a 12 month period, but are required to check the patient yearly as part of the 'management process.' It may be renewed or modified at that time.
  • This is pure, adulterated, politics. FDA-Bush politics. The drug is old, and so are the rare potential side effects. Many docs I know run scared from it, for unclear reasons. Big Pharma's doing no trials with it, and gynecologists and family practitioners do their best to poo poo it. Nothing has changed. But I've never recommended overdosing on this, or anything, except perhaps lasagna. The best testament to the argument that this is just politics is that the FDA cease and desist letter was sent out early this year, yet the drug was NOT pulled. The pharmacies have simply run out now, because all the manufacturers were heftily threatened by the FDA. The pharmaceutical companies are marketing "newer" and "better" drugs like Prozac (aka Serafem) and Neurontin for hot flashes, though..., which aren't "better" at all, and the SSRI's like Prozac appear to diminish levels of drugs like tamoxifen on top of that. I'm still waiting for enough angry women with breast cancer and hot flashes to write enough angry letters to the FDA, and teach other Gynecologists and Oncologists what many of us have already known for decades -- Bellergal (and related), even at low dose, is relatively safe, and very effective for the significant adverse effects of menopausal hot flashes. If you still have some, great, it's still as safe to use as it has been for decades. Even the FDA admitted that.
  • I have been taking the drug successfully for years and the pharmacy called me today to tell me it was no longer available. My guess is it was too inexpensive, too efficient and had too few side effects. It seems today "THEY" want you to take drugs that you have to take another drug to deal with the side effects. I would say "what a country" but I can't seem to find it in Canada either. If anyone can get it please let me know. I am not looking forward to night sweats again.
  • I was just told by my pharmacist, when I went to fill a new prescription, that bellergal-s and all its generics are no longer available in the US. I have been taking this for migraines (upon occirrence) since 1971. It works, and I don't want to start trying other drugs at this point. There were enough generic versions that I've got to believe it was still being prescribed regularly. This is upsetting, as I've tried Caffergot, among others, and had miserable results. AARGH!
  • I work at IV Plus Compounding Pharmacy in Fort Pierce, Florida. We can compound this prescription for you with a doctor's prescription. If you have any questions please call us at 772-468-0074 or email us at Thank You, Jeneen and Victoria
  • No... There is NO good reason--especially when you learn just how serious (and astronomically prevalent) the side effects are for these other "new" migraine meds they're charging hundreds of dollars for (for only 6 tablets). It's a total FDA-DrugCompany kickback SCAM because Bellergal-S is generic cost less than $15.00 for 30 tablets. I had the drug compounded by ScriptWorks ( They are extremely reputable. It took them a long time to obtain the proper form of Belladonna initially, but now they have plenty of stock -- and THEY specialize in MAIL ORDER! Just get your doctor to write you a "COMPOUND" prescription stating: .2mg Belladonna Alkaloids; .6mg Ergotamine Tartrate; and 40mg Phenobarbital. You can fax them the RX to get started, but they will need the original mailed to them. It's not as cheap now (approx 80.00 for 100 tabs) but I don't care! It makes complete sense given all the labor they now have to invest into making the tablets.

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