• I doubt it will ever be the same again. U should get tested first and once u get the results, tell how exactly how u feel and wut action u gonna do option a) Break up with her right away and have no contact (I would do that) or option b) Choose to forgive her, but be sure it'll never be the same. Getting drunk is never an excuse for cheating.
  • As far as the trust thing goes, I doubt you will ever be able to fully trust her. Its very nice that she likes you enough to admit to cheating on you...but unfortunate that she doesn't like you enough to keep her legs shut in the first place. Is this really the kind of girl you want to be with? Best of luck to you in the future.
  • i am in the same situation and while i am willing to work around it, i just have that underlying doubt cause my girlfriend actualy went to her ex's place to talk to him, about what? i dont know. if you ask her if she allowed this to happen, she wasnt forced physicaly, then id say it would be best to end it. but if she was forced, id call the police. thats my 2 pence worth and i know how you feel
  • I found this out about a year ago; it frustrated me; eventually it was the end of a awsome relationship. Just leave her man....really, it happend to me and it't very frustrating...It hurt me so much, but eventually I moved on. I was a wise decision.
  • sheesh.. get over it. She came back to you. The only problem is your ego. Now you have a great fantasy to get off on.
  • "Likes you enough"? Dude... Tell her to take a hike. You shouldent be giving two shits about someone who is in "like" with you. If shes fuckin one of her ex boyfriends, she has no respect for YOU. Get out while you can bro.
  • Can you trust her to have sex with other men while dating you? You bet. She proved that. Can you trust her to not care about you to even bother to try to spare your feelings. You bet. She proved that. Can you trust that her moral compass is out of whack because she doesn't feel guilty about having sex with other men, but might if she has to lie about it. Because lying is wrong but sex isn't. You bet. She proved that. Will you keep on dating her? Our survey says....
  • Don't be stupid. That's not a past. Since she already with you, she still can have sex with others. I bet you she can have sex with other guys beside than her ex. Very clear now, yr girlfriend pussy is not belongs to you. It's public, for everyone. Love yourself bro, get rid of her. Good luck
  • I understand why you would be upset. I would too. But that is a very hard thing to admit to someone you care about, so obviously, SHE DOES care about you. Keep that in mind. But here's the thing: If she cheats when shes drunk who's to say it won't happen again? You may have to ask her not to get drunk at least when you aren't there. And if she's not willing to compromise, maybe you should rethink this relationship.
  • Highly doubtful you will be able to trust her for a long long looooong time. Everytime she goes out without you you will be wondering "is that going to happen again??". She will have to gain your trust back and that will take years, and I mean YEARS -- literally. It is an uphill battle so you need to ask yourself if you are willing to put in the time and effort. It is also wrong of you to constantly victimise her for it if you have decided to move on, so this is an issue that will be in your own mind.
  • Dude....ummm, this one is not to be trusted. So she told you, that means squat. She still slept with someone else, and her ex on top of it. Not cool. You don't deserve that. she claims to "like you enough to not want to lie to you". please, that does not make it alright for her to do that, and chances are she will do it again, if you accept that kind of behaviour. I'm sure there are plenty other girls out there that are willing to be committed to you and ONLY you I wish you the best :)
  • Pity she doesn't like you enough to be faithful to you.
  • I'd say the only thing you can tust her to do in the future is tell you when she's gotten-off with someone else.
  • hey at least she told you the truth I would say yes at least you can trust her enough to tell you about it

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