• Wow this is a potential time bomb; be careful, he's gotta realize that if they can't make peace, he may have to have the animal destroyed. Plain and simple I love dogs, but when people do things like this to #_(# with their emotions, they do get nasty. (YEs I think the ex did something deliberate, or just lost control of the animal)and wants him to save her butt, or at least make the "bad decision". (how big and what kind of dog are we talking about here?, how aggressive was the ex?) If you have a chance it starts with regaining the dogs trust. Forget snacks and bribes, he has to be able to work with the dog consistantly to do this. A professional trainer might offer the best options since a neutral person would be doing the reconditioning and nto your b/f (whom I assume you want uninjured). Once they get the behavior problems under control, they can work to re-bond him and the dog. Good luck and be careful.

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