• I don't expect or want anything.For me ,it would loose it's meaning as a kind deed.
  • Its not a good deed if you expect a reward, that makes it a job :-) A 'thank you' always goes down well, not that you allways get one.
  • No it would lose it's blessing if I expected something back.
  • This is difficult to answer because ,while I don't expect anything in return. I do nice things because I want to make the person happy or help them. If I do something and they aren't happy about it , I feel like I didn't do it right or something.
  • I never expect anything for helpful deeds.
  • Not at all but a thank you sometimes would be greatly appreciated.
  • Not at all. If you do a good deed the feeling of appreciation is all you should need.
  • I expect nothing. If I feel like I'll be owed something...then I don't do it. Thank you's are always nice, though.
  • No I prefer it is not known
  • A good deed or an act of kindness is it's own reward. One of those timeless sayings that will always hold true.
  • No i do not expect any thing.
  • No i do not expect any thing.
  • Depends on the deed. A friend who asks for a favor I know will return that kindness someday within the extent of our friendship, thats what friends do. I once helped a little old lady walk from one checkstand to another, I think it would be unreasonable to expect anything in return. Random acts of kindness shouldn't be done to recieve something in return, they seem like less to me that way. Like a random act of hoping to be acknowledged. Which isn't baad either but it's a different concept. BTW wanting to be acknowledged for good deeeds is a good idea, better than attention seeking behavior in ways that are destructive or counter productive.
  • Good deed how? At work yeah a raise or at least acknowldgement! haha can't spell. but for out of the blue stranger or family. No.
  • No I expect nothing in return for anything I do out of friendship or just because it is the right thing to do.
  • No. I love to do anonymous deeds, they give me great pleasure.
  • it depends. sometimes, random acts will not expect anything in return. however, a thank you would be greatly appreciated. =)
  • Well, a thank you would be nice, but I'm mostly ok without one. Now, if the person specifically asked for my help and I gave it, I am less ok without a thank you. Why is this under tipping and gratuities? Tipping and gratuities aren't in exchange for a kind or helpful deed, they are paying someone for the work they have done for you.
  • No, then it's not a kind act. There really is more happiness in giving, than in receiving. The giving and helping is it's' own reward. What generous act is it if they can give back more to you and yu expect it?
  • one point would be sufficient.

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