• I sleep with my left leg hanging over the edge of the bed.
  • I have an Arm-Pillow that I use to sit up and read in bed, and when I finally turn the light out and go to sleep at some point in the early morning, I just keep on sitting straight up againts it, usuaully with my head lolling forward awkwardly. I can never seem to get to sleep in any other position, so I often find myself sleeping in armchairs.
  • I act like a dog It takes me like 20 minutes to get situated. One time I was so concentrated on getting in the right spot, I fell off the bed :P
  • I sleep with the covers on no matter how hot it is and sometimes i sleep with a pillow on my head as well
  • I slept with a possum once....
  • I sleep with a pillow between my legs and one behind my back and one in front of me and one fluffy one under my head. Any guesses who hogs all the pillows..haha:)
  • I have to cover my neck with my blanket or else I can't sleep... It just bothers me not to have it covering my neck... and a pillow between my legs...
  • I always sleep with a pilled under my feet and I always sleep with my shitzue (unless I have someone over) thats kinda weird >_>.
  • I sleep with the pillow over my head and buried under the blankets. My Mum says it was like I was preparing to hibernate.
  • My BF does that too- it helps keep the noise out. I don't really have any "habits", but I'm a sleep talker, and sometimes I kick in my sleep. But that's not a conscious decision.
  • I have to have something pressing against my eyes/face when I sleep, so I bought an eye mask. :3
  • I have my teddy bear that I always sleep with
  • my elder brother has this habbit. he hugs a pillow tight on his head, even if he has no pillow under his head.
  • I usually end up with one leg tucked against my chest and the other hanging off the bed... Somehow, this is incredidbly comfortable to me... my dad always jokes that I'm gonna fall off, but I haven't yet and I've been sleeping like that for years!
  • i do the same exact same thing it makes me feel sucure for some reason . plus it keeps out light ands sounds i love it.
  • my new boyfriend everynight has to have these 2 flat pillows wedged into each of his sides...makes it hard to snuggle,he says he has been doing it ever since his ex stopped sleeping with him..think this might be an emotional problem? By the way ,I just talked to a friend in another state and she said her bf does the same thing....whats up with this?
  • I sleep on my right side with one pillow under my head and my right arm under the pillow. I have another pillow that I hold onto with my left arm and a body pillow that goes partially under me along my tummy and my left leg lays over top of it. (was that too much...haha)
  • I sleep with a pillow over my head with my arm across like I'm trying to suffocate myself. Thats the only way I can sleep.
  • is the top pillow to block noise? If so, contact me vmiko @ acoustiblok . com (minus the spaces)

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