• I always did when they were babies , their grown -ups now , that would be yes and I miss that + 5
  • It's terribly important for children's abilities with the printed word and for their memory development skills to become familiar with nursery rhymes! Knowing the research, I would have been a bad parent NOT to have shared them with my daughter!
  • Yes, I did when he was small. I enjoy them as well!
  • The ones I can remember, yes. I remember the title or the first verse but then forget alot of the words. Sometimes I just make them up as I go along. :) My son (1 year old) recognizes when I start to sing/say the first few words of a nursery rhyme. His face lights up with a big toothy grin...I will continue to tell him nursery rhymes just to see him smile.
  • Of course, it's fun for them, something that you can do together, and the repetition and rhyming helps them to learn
  • No because i think most of them are horrible. I made up little songs and rhymes and stories for them that contained messages relating to fun, friendship, sharing, caring etc etc. They seemed to enjoy them and as grown ups have asked me to do the same for their little ones - which i happily do every time they visit :)

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