• No. Haters are the ones with a problem. Lovers are pure at heart who spread peace and joy being the opposite of a hater.
    • 11stevo73
      no gobbliers label anyone they disagree with a hater. Doing nothing is selling out ,
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      What is a gobblier? I heard of a gobbler. Is that what you mean to say by dropping the ā€œiā€ in the word? I prefer to be a lover rather than a hater so I have nothing to do with haters. I just avoid them so as I can be surrounded by positive and loving people instead. Getting along with a hater only makes you the same as them. Just be yourself and if you want to feel better in yourself, surround yourself with loving people.
  • According to the haters: yes.
  • more details required a hater could be anyone you don't agree with . Look at how demcrates use the term towards anyone they don't agree with.

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