• Nope, because it could be a virus, malware, etc.
  • I don't open texts from people I don't know.
  • I don't open texts from people I don't know.
  • NO!!! There are many SCAMS where they send a stranger a text. The person responds & that lets them know it is an active phone number & they sell the number to somebody online who plans to SPAM you!!! I make it a habit to NEVER answer numbers I don't recognize & I definitely don't respond to unknown texts!!! I mark unknown texts as "blocked". I feel that it is MY responsibility to protect myself!!!
  • It's hard because of scamming, but here's some funny examples of what you could do...
  • It depends what they say because some people might have the wrong number and if that’s the case, I would say that to them in text. If a stranger provides a link in the text, do not click on it because it could be a virus or scam.
    • Majik-1
      Although I appreciate what you're saying, I received a text at least once a month to remind me to bring in the pics & files to work for the important meeting the next morning. The only problem was that I was retired & hadn't worked for over 10 years. This reminder came in once a month for a year. At that point I got tired of worrying about the person who should have been receiving the message & I blocked the number sending the text.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      You did the right thing blocking the number so you will know what to do if you receive a similar message again.
  • No way.

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