• Christianity isnt real. Watch some documentaries and college telecourses. Try you tube for documentaries. You will find archeology disproves virtually every story the bible tells. Also logic disproves it. But it will take you years to get over the brainwashing people inflicted on you in childhood. Sorry, but you'll have to go through it. Secondly, as to society's attitude towards gays, MOVE SOMEWHERE TOLERANT. And dont feel hard done by, there are millions of folks just like you who got abused and sent to mental hospitals over being gay, and all manner of things. MOVE SOMEWHERE TOLERANT. Find a way to enjoy being yourself freely. It's pointless miring yourself in being the victim for a life. Find somewhere friendly, and go there today!
  • LIVE YOUR LIFE.......if you're a believer, so be it...God will accept you for who you are....gays are NOT abnormal any more than straight people are...there are bad people both straight and gay!!! I"m gay & have known gays who I wouldn't give the time of day to.........WE ARE ALL HUMAN WITH FRAILTIES....... I personally can't stand the catholic church, left years ago...but you have your faith in it & thats not a bad thing...... just be yourself.......I'm 75 now and believe me, as you get a little older, it gets will eventually meet someone and have a good life! DON"T center your life around religion......keep to yourself for now and when you are older, move to a larger city. NO ONE should live alone and not experience love/affection from another..........DON'T LET RELIGION WEAR YOU DOWN!!! AND DON'T fall for the 'conversion therapy' bullshit!!! you are you, God is a loving and forgiving God and that's that.... wish you all the best!!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      If he believes in Catholicism he believes gay men should be killed and buried by anyone who sees them or else suffer God's wrath. THAT'S WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS. To recommend pretending one's religion doesn't say what it says is one of the biggest reasons so many no longer believe. THE BIBLE IS EITHER HIS SACRED WORD - AS STATED - OR IT ISN'T HIS WORD AT ALL. Fortunately, for the OP, it isn't. It's just an embarassingly childish fairy tale so he hasn't got a problem. He should be more worried his father has him declared insane or he gets beat to a pulp by a-holes.
    • Majik-1
      The Bible also says to LOVE EVERYONE!!! Nowhere does it say "unless".
  • God loves you just like you are!!! He created you just like you are for a reason & He does NOT make mistakes!!! You are worthy in His eyes & don't allow NO bigoted human to tell you different!!! 😇
  • You either keep believing or you don't, that's for sure.
  • Did Yahweh say He didn't love you just because you say you are gay? No, He did not! He loves everyone regardless of who or what you are. You are not rejected. To help you you might get and read the book, "God is Not a Homophobe" by Philo Thelos
  • That's horrible!
  • Your question was very moving. You explained the situation of many gays very well. My advice is first, the Bible is NOT the word of God and if you are Gay it is deadly. There are more than a hundred prohibitions against gays. You can't believe in the Bible and be gay at the same time. Second, Jesus says to love you enemies as you love yourself. Unfortunately most Christians don't practice this. My suggestion is to join a Congregationalist😊, Unitarian or a liberal Christian ministry.. Don't put yourself on the line to people who hate you. If you need to stay in the closet stay there. Don't hurt yourself. But come out to people to progressive people who will accept you. 😍 You are not going anywhere with the Catholics.

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