• well if ya cant move a mountain ya faith dwindled before the end of ya prayer lol
  • Sure. I have faith that I can operate a bulldozer or some other piece of heavy equipment that could eventually move an entire mountain, given enough time.
    • Army Veteran
      This answer isn't a joke. When the statement about moving mountains was made in the Bible, the technology that brought heavy construction equipment to the world was still hundreds of years off, and so the passage fell on deaf ears. But we know today that the technology exists and that moving mountains is an easy task given the right equipment.
  • No. It is not sufficient to that task...and I don't know anyone on Earth who's faith IS.
  • I believe the saying means for God to move the mountains for you, but I'd have to say no I don't, I put the leg work in, but often with my current situation I find myself struggling with what I'm meant to accept and what I'm meant to change. I'll keep you posted... I'm gradually learning it may be accept, and move.

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