• There will be no war with Russia. If Biden couldn't stick around Afghanistan until all of the Americans were safely out, he won't dare go up against Putin. What he MIGHT do in my opinion, is hand over the rest of the American military to Putin and surrender.
  • Can I ask a quick question? Why does the average American in America want to have a war with Russia for? How does a war help the average American at home?
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      The average American doesn't. The average Libtard does. He's been convinced that the Cold War is still going on and that both sides are stockpiling nukes to launch at each other.
  • Ain't gonna happen. Biden (and the heads of most other NATO nations) has already assured Russia that we are not going to muster any military response to their takeover of Ukraine. All of these nations have promise if sanctions have ever been useful in halting an action that a government decided to commit itself to do. It didn't stop Iraq. It doesn't stop Iran. It doesn't stop North Korea. etc. (LOTS of countries that the U.S. has "sanctions" against that continue to operate without regard for U.S. sanctions.) It's a purely political move (Politician says, "See: we're doing something about this while avoiding war" when in reality what's going on is "See, politicians are pretending to do something about this instead of risking military involvement") I'm not saying that war is the answer...but what we OUGHT to be doing is PUBLICLY promising Ukraine air support and troops in case of a Russian invasion. THAT would make Russia think twice about conquering that very lucrative territory. "We will initiate sanctions" probably doesn't even give them pause. They'll conquer Ukraine. They'll install a Russian-controlled puppet government that is superficially (but not actually) democratic. And then they'll leave (after a few weeks or months) KNOWING that WHEN they leave the sanctions will be dropped. The promise of sanctions is no deterrent, and nothing in value compared to the value that will be looted from Ukraine by the Russians during the conquest, and AGAIN nothing compared to the value of what will be looted by the Russian-controlled Ukrainian government.

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