• You probably don't have a refund coming back. If this is the case, they'll contact you by snail-mail and let you know. I had the same problem. When I went online to check on the status of my stimulus check, a notice came up that I had to fill out a 2020 income tax return. I did so knowing that I never paid anything in and therefore had nothing coming back. But the software showed that I had $1200 coming back. I thought I might have made a mistake and waited for it. Each time I checked on it, I got the same message as you - and I waited for months. I received a notice a few days ago from the IRS confirming that I had no refund due because I didn't pay anything in (I'm on disability and am not required to file).
    • Victorine
      For most people, this is a delay caused by staffing shortages and other pandemic-related problems. Your issues do not represent everyone's.
  • They are way behind, partly owing to staffing problems. My husband and I are due both state and federal refunds, but they have not yet arrived. This happened last year, too, but the refunds did eventually show up.

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