• You should research polio and chicken pox quarantine. I initially was for not vaccinating children until I spoke to a grandparent and they shared the fear of polio and what happened. Also look at the CDC website on vaccines. Look at the current situation on COVID-19.
    • Army Veteran
      You make a point with your polio and chickenpox argument, but the CDC has no credibility and is not to be trusted. If they have to use statistics from common and less-threatening pneumonia and influenza seasonal outbreaks to artificially boost the COVID totals, then COVID isn't as bad as they portray. The media hysteria that has been given so much attention to is a Democratic ploy to dictate illegal mandates.
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      1465 Is Q-Anon. He's a very dangerous man.
    • Army Veteran
      False accusations will get you kicked off of here.
  • Hell to the no. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let the federal government mandate that I get injected with anything.
  • I don't support it, once people no longer have a say over what happens to their own bodies, then we are doomed!
    • Army Veteran
      Just look at the millions of babies that are aborted.
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      You just care about the white ones. lol
  • I think a lot about it. 1. I think it's morally wrong to force people to get it. 2. I think people should try to make a smart decision about getting it. 3. I think that, as a mob, people tend to behave stupidly; so, those who will get it will probably only do so because they were told to, and those who do not will probably refrain because someone told them not to get it.
  • Well, it depends on what disease you are vaccinating. Chicken pox should definitely be mandatory because a lot of people have been taking it for many years and it should hopefully be safe. The U.S. Has already has a stock of vaccination. It's enough for every American citizen to get vaccinated. I don't think Covid should be mandatory. Well, they don't even have an actual 'kind of', vaccine. But they do have treatment and medicine. And even when they do come up with one, it wouldn't be out long enough to determine if the vaccine is safe.
    • bostjan64
      There is no treatment for covid. The vaccine was approved by the FDA a few days ago. Chicken pox has killed fewer people than covid has. I don't quite follow this rationale. You have diseases that are super deadly, like polio and smallpox, which are huge public health concerns. You have diseases like chicken pox and the flu, which are easy to catch but not generally that deadly. Then there is covid, which, in the future will probably be no big deal, but, right now, is killing millions of people. It sits in this weird space no other infectious disease does now because it is spreading so incredibly quickly and there is no immunity to it. It's only sometimes deadly, but also when it hits hard but is not deadly, it seems like there are long term injuries that we might learn about years from now (at this point we suspect certain things, but don't know a lot from direct evidence). At any rate, covid, right now, is much more dangerous than chicken pox. By 2035, though, covid will probably be just a bad cold. But it's 2020 right now, so that's a substantial time in the future.
    • Linda Joy
      I understood the reference to chicken pox was that the vaccine has been tested and safe for quite some time. And there is limited immunity to covid.
    • Franco333
      Firstly the COVID is a molehill inflated into a mountain. Secondly, if you trust the FDA (I don't) their site lists "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved one drug, remdesivir (Veklury), to treat COVID-19." While it spreads quickly, its fatality rate is only slightly above flu and pneumonia. You would not know this from the MSM, because they focus entirely on the rate of infection, and obscure the number of deaths, as per their TASS West agenda.
    • Army Veteran
      The media has been a worse "spreader" of COVID than personal contact has been. As Franco pointed out, the similarity to influenza and pneumonia is the key to recognizing the B.S. "threat" of COVID. The CDC website, at one time, showed that the seasonal statistics for these two viruses were used in the totals being reported as COVID. In having to resort to this "lie", it indicated that the COVID virus was not a stand-alone threat. The only way to keep the "pandemic" going was to falsely include the other totals in the updates. Their current website no longer includes influenza and pneumonia by name, but the statistics for these viruses continue to be lower than normal. You do the math.
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      I'd rather take my advice from someone who has been to medical school then someone who hasn't. thanks 1465 and Franco.
  • First of all the government should have NO SAY in it at all!! They have no legal right to make laws on this issue. They need to get the constitution out and review it and stick to it. Its the contract we agreed to when we joined this union. They need to keep their overreaching hands out of it!! This is a medical issue. It should not be mandatory. It should be encouraged and those that don't get it should not be allowed in school to infect other students, but with home school and internet school that shouldn't be a problem. But these are already laws. Nothing need change.
    • Army Veteran
      "...those that don't get it should not be allowed in school to infect other students..." - Isn't this a backdoor to making it mandatory?
    • Linda Joy
      No. And I gave examples. Besides immunization has always been required to go to school. Frankly I think the brick and mortar schools should be done away with. No more school shootings either!
    • Army Veteran
      The example you gave was "get vaccinated or you can't attend school" - it's just another way of saying "mandatory vaccinations". Let's word it a different way: "You must be vaccinated or you can't attend school." Not everyone is qualified to do homeschooling.
  • I believe the covid vaccine should be voluntary . That said I believe for most people it would be great to get the vaccination. That is if they are not allergic to it. IOW unless its unsafe for any valid reason an d/or your doctor tells you not to get it.
  • What are opionions? Onions with opium in them? Lol :)
    • Linda Joy
      haha yeah, they've been vaccinated! haha! Hmmm maybe that'd be a way to get a certain group to volunteer for the vaccine! haha
    • Army Veteran
      "Opinions" are people's points of view. "Opionions", on the other hand, are a cry for help - you need a dictionary.
  • No way. This wasn't even tested a year.
  • It should be voluntarily.
  • No, people should have a choice no matter what
  • When a government starts thinking you belong to it, instead of it belongs to you, it's a very baby step across the line into commie-socialist oppression. Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty!
    • Linda Joy
      Good answer! I agree!
  • I'd be okay with mandatory vaccination as long as it's not super expensive for us folk without insurance. I wouldn't like to be forced and have to pay 300$ then be like "Uh oh, how am I going to pay for food now for the month?"
    • Linda Joy
      Good point. I think this is one of the very very few times I think the government SHOULD pay for it. But I think it should be voluntary.
  • I think that it is wrong and vaccines are garbage
  • At this point I'm not taking an experimental drug. It generally takes years to make a vaccine. Its culling the population I think sterilising children wait and see. Most western governments have no problems lying to and killing their own people.
  • its a dictatorship forcing people to have vaccinations!!!!!!!..its should be up to the person..if vaccination's work the ones who get vaccinated should not catch it ..and anyways they say that ones who are vaccinated hardly get sick anyways .....BTW im no antivaxxer ..i had my kids vaccinated when they were little......i myself have never had the flu needle and i never caught a bad flu. its weird that people thats vaccinated can still pass the virus on and can still catch it thats very strange
  • In the U.S., such a thing would be viewed as unconstitutional. It violates individual rights. In other nations that might be a viable option.
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      well im in Australia and they are becoming bossy as ..and if people are not vaccinated, they wont be able go to restaurant's/work places etc etc when 70 % are vaccinated
  • I grew up in the polio era. I am a firm believer in vaccines. If mandatory vaccines is the only way to stop this disease, then make them all line up, like we had to do back in school when the county nurse showed up to give us all shots.
    • Franco333
      When the polio vaccine was first unleashed on the unsuspecting public, it caused many deaths and lifelong injuries. Look into its history if you don't believe this. It took awhile (months? years?) before that vaccine was finetuned enough to be relatively harmless. That said, the polio vaccine is a far different sort than the COVID poke, which is new tech based on the same sort of gene-blasting that produced GMOs, cloning, and bioweapons (there is evidence to suggest COVID itself is the result of gene manipulation). How long it will take to fine-tune a genetic-based vaccine enough to be relatively harmless is as unknown, as is the possible long term effects. You have the right and free will to play guinea pig if you so do not have the right to force your choice on others --- --- As for "when the county nurse showed up to give us all shots" that was from when the vaccines used was mostly rendered harmless. This vaccine has a long way to go ----
    • dalcocono
      You can disparage the polio vaccine if you think that changes the fact that we no longer catch polio in the USA. We don'r rnd up crippled or in an iron lung like happened to many of the people back then. Same with smallpox. Same with all the killers we now vaccinate for. People like you are the reason this current killer is still spreading.
    • Franco333
      You can pretend I disparaged the polio vaccine, rather than giving an honest assessment of it's history, if that is the best rebuttal you can think of. You can play ostrich, stick your head in the sand neck-deep, and ignore all the rest I said, if that is the only response you can come up with. Low effort, but whatever.
    • dalcocono
      Yup, I am ignoring all the rest you said, because when it's all said and done, polio is not here any longer. All that other stuff you said is not relevant to the destruction of that disease.. You are the ostrich here, scared to pull your head out of your conspiracy theories over a vaccine that works.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Franco: The first polio vaccine only killed 10 people. Out of 20K the rest recovered
  • Unless someone has some underlying medical issues that would make getting the vaccine dangerous for them .. I think everyone should have it. Unfortunately, just like indoor smoking, seatbelts, helmets ... there are always people who won't do the right thing unless they're mandated by some law. Too bad it has to be that way ...
  • It should not be mandatory. It should be treated just like the flu vaccination. I've had Covid 19, and the flu, IMO, is much, much worse.
  • The only problem I have with people not getting vaxxed is that they become a burden on our hospitals. They are always yelping about the poor being a burden on society and every-man-for-himself but when it comes to Covid they seem to think they can get sick voluntarily and its up to our hospital system to take care of them. Personally I'd leave them to die. Give them a taste of their own medicine. 😍
    • Linda Joy
      And smokers, and drug users, and alcoholics and caffeine addicts, and cutters and meat eaters and kids who play with fire, and sticks that could put someone's eye out, and anyone else who goes to the hospital because of any behavior that lands them there... People deserve medical treatment even if it was their own behavior that put them there.
    • Army Veteran
      I still doubt the reality of COVID. The symptoms are too similar to influenza and other seasonal viruses that people have lived through since records have been kept. Of course, there are the "statistics" that have been fed to the public that suggest the contrary, but the only proof anyone has of the media and the Democrats who "created" it is their word and whatever false documentation they can create to push their agenda. The "timing" of it was too convenient. After throwing accusations and investigations at Trump throughout his Presidency, the only thing they had left to prevent him from running was to create a situation where they could implement mail-in voting - the least secure method there is. Now that we're in a new election cycle and the Democrats are crapping all over themselves knowing that they're about to lose their majority in Congress - you don't hear anything about COVID anymore. Why is that?
  • While I do not think that the government should step in and force adults to be vaccinated, as a doctor, if any of my staff refused the COVID-19 vaccine, they would be fired immediately. Period. Any decent adult who has any self respect or respect for others would take the COVID-19 vaccine. Also, all children should receive their immunization, ie. DPT, MMR, etc. unless there is a medical reason why they can't take it. If parents refuse, remove the children from their parents. No childhood vaccinations=neglect=child abuse. Vaccinating children is now absolutely mandatory in the EU and Australia and parents are sanctioned if they refuse. Long overdue that the US catches up!!!!
    • Linda Joy
      So you are giving the covid 19 vaccine to children? And what about the Tuskegee experiment where they gave blacks syphilis and then just watched them die instead of treating them?
  • Just like wearing a seat belt, it should be mandatory.
  • I don't believe in making vaccinations mandatory. However I do think they should be encouraged for eveybody who can safely receive them. It is my belief that clergy people , mayors other local politicians should encourage people getting their shots and especially COVID ones.
  • Mandatory vaccination will cause a communist revolution in the US. It is rapidly unfolding with the Covid vaccine. If America goes down, every other free country will follow.
  • Yes. Voluntary vaccination has failed. Too many stupid people. Every day we get closer to another variant. Its time to get serious and force people to vax. And if they die we will still save lives by getting those who live vaxed.
    • Linda Joy
      I wanna see you get all the animals that carry it to line up for vaccinations! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • You can't make them voluntary, but you can require anyone utilizing most public services (exclude DMV, IRS, stuff like that but include schools) and require people to show proof of vaccination in order to use them.
  • it dont matter what i think!!!!!! ..if i say i dont believe in it, id be bullied/called all sorts of bad names ..Spanish flu way back in 1918, { a real bad pandemic } had no vaccination....... people need to change their bad dirty unhealthy habits and be hygienic!!!!! as its their bad hygiene that causes ALL SICKNESS...... coughing into the air /coughing into hands then touching things with dirty hands..picking nose etc ..touching eyes/mouth etc ..up too close to people ,when sick etc its ONLY HUMANS that spread illness ..
    • Linda Joy
      Animals get it too.
    • avatar
      even if animals get it,,some humans dont wash their hands etc etc after touching animals etc thats how humans catch virus by not being hygienic ..thats what i was Meaning saying humans spread it with unhealthy habits mob say humans spread it
  • The current administration operates through distractions. The vaccines were demonized by the Left when they came out during the Trump administration. Isn't it interesting how, a year later, under a new administration, they are suddenly proposing them being mandatory? Let's look at the overall picture here. It was a genetically manipulated virus created through a joint effort between the Democrats and the Chinese. The Democrats scoffed at the vaccine throughout the first year so that people would avoid it - allowing the infection to spread to pandemic proportions. NOW, they want the same vaccine to be mandatory. It isn't about the "vaccine" - it's about compliance. Just as the original COVID started showing signs of slowing down, and states started going back to normal, BOOM! - A new variation comes along, bringing with it a resurgence of another COVID vaccine. As long as these scums are still in power, this "pandemic" will never end. New variants will come along and mandates will become permanent. Welcome to Communism - you wanted it, now you get to live with it.
  • Some people just want to die. Let them. I just wish they'd die peacefully at home rather than asking the same doctors they rejected to help them.
  • To share another answer, vaccination mandates are developing protests in the US. Hardcore Republicans have given a new focus to not be intimidated by the vaccine mandates and continue to fight for their freedom.
  • all 4 it
  • They are for the good of the people.
  • All children should be safe. They cannot do it by themselves.

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