• Thought or opinion? This is the best way to become an atheist. What would the Bible say about queers, fags, transgender etc!
    • Thinker
      What do you think the Bible says about gays of all types? I think the truth might surprise you.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Thought and facts are prectically opposites!
    • Thinker
      In many not all.
  • Nachos! (As in NOT YOURS!) God never REQUIRED polygamy. And YOU have perverted interpretations of what God approves if you think it's acceptable for a young boy to have sex with his own mother as you've stated in a previous answer. Now if you have particular scriptural references from the KJV of The Bible you'd like to discuss please reference them. Also Jesus said render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is His. We are commanded to keep the laws of our governors. That means it's not either/ or, but both. (Which includes lawful immigration by the way!)
    • mushroom
      "Why tempt ye me?" Perhaps "Render unto Caesar" was a clever way of saying those things (coins) are Man's and have no meaning to God.
    • Thinker
      Actually polygamy is the most approved by the Lord God of all marriage ways. Jacob was the first mentioned of having two wives. then there was Abraham, Moses, King Saul, King David, King Solomon and many others. Then there was Leverite marriages. In Jeremiah 3, the Lord God had 2 wives. In the NT the parable of the 10 brides are to marry Jesus Christ Only 5 became so. then in Titus 1 dthe word MIA is mistranslated as one when it should be first. Rules for plural marriage was set out in Leviticus. I can go into much more but I think you need to do some additional study concerning what is said in the Bible relative to who wrote it, to whom it was written, what the common language of that time was and how it was used, and what was life and politics was at that time. Just reading the Bible and not understanding what it says does little good. People put the words in the Bible into today's understanding which leads most Christians astray.
    • Linda Joy
      As I've told you numerous times I pray for understanding from The Holy Ghost when I read scriptures. And you still haven't given me a specific scriptural reference you'd like to discuss. Where exactly does it say polygamy is the most approved by God? Because I don't recall seeing that in my Bible. And where does it say it's ok to break the laws of the land your live in? Because I didn't see that either. And does it say it's ok for a woman to have more than one husband? Is it forbidden? If so, where? Are you into sharing your women, too? What if you can't afford to support one wife much less more than one? What if your wife doesn't want another wife? Is this something you discuss before marriage? What if the husband becomes unable to preform his duties? Do the wives get a pinch hitter? And most importantly who is the life insurance beneficiary? Does he have a separate insurance policy for each family? Cuz I just don't see a man with plural wives living very long. Its bad enough having one wife pissed at you! Can you imagine having several mad at you all at the same time?
    • Thinker
      Nowhere in the Bible, OT or NT, does it say marriage should be monogamous, polygamous, or celibate. However there are numerous references to plural marriage in the OT and only a few in the NT. In Exodus 21: 10,11 it sets out the requirements required of a man who takes another wife. The law of the land is to be obeyed as long as it does no harm to another person with regard to that law. Laws today are vastly different than they were 5000 years ago. Polygamy was "out lawed" by Roman law when Israel was under the Roman empire. The reason was Rome was afraid the Israelite's would soon have a population large enough to overthrow the Roman empire because of plural marriages and rapid population growth. No this is not in the Bible but comes from other study. Polyandry is not permissible in the Bible. Sharing a wife was very common back in "old times" and is practiced even today by those whom desire to do so. Exodus 21: 4 speaks of a master (today's husband) gives a man one of his wives when the man leaves he is to return the wife to the master. This is refereed to as "sexual hospitality". In the old times if a master gave another man a loaner wife and she refused to go she could be put to death for failure to carry out the instructions of the master as women were chattel (property) of the master. those involved today do not go to the extremes of death. A man back then or today would/should not have more wives than he can afford. In the old times a man could have as many wives as he could afford and the other wives had no say in the matter. Today if a family desires to have plural marriage it of course is discussed and done according to their desires. As for insurance policies wives and children are listed as beneficiaries as in any policy. If you have not watched "Sister Wives" on TLC I would suggest you do so and preferably going back over the last 12 seasons and learn of a successful family with 4 wives. I could send you a ton of information on polygamy all from a Biblical point of view if I knew where to send it. I not only read and study the Bible but I also read as much other teaching and information as i can find.
  • not sure if its a good idea or not

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