• Allegedly. The president denies this, but, of course, yet refuses to release his tax information, despite promising to do so contingent on his election in 2016. What I do know is that he is a liar and a law breaker and a cheat, but we all knew this before he was elected, so nothing is surprising.
  • Put it in perspective. $750 in personal income tax? I say good for him and can I have the number to his accountant, please? But it also depends on what his personal income was. If he only paid himself $1,000 for a paychek, then he overpaid. Also look at how much corporate income tax he paid. No body is talking about that. Using the tax laws to your advantage is perfectly legal. I do the same. I cut my paycheck down and increased my expense account. Paid almost no income tax. Perfectly legal.

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