• I consult with my daughter about all matters. We are a team and make decisions together, Ultimately, I have final say but we've rarely disagreed on matters.
  • You will get better results if they are included.
  • Maybe. It may depend on what sorts of rules you are trying to set and how old the children are. I can imagine having a family conference about rules and allowing everyone to have some input on, say, a chore roster -- who does what when, and how often the kids get to switch off chores. I can also imagine negotiating with a child about how often his room needs to be cleaned. But when it comes to things like curfews and so forth, what friends are allowed in the house and in which parts, the parents get to lay down the law -- no negotiating.
  • Not really aside from telling them about those rules.
  • Children need boundaries set by the parents. IMHO parents these days are abdicating too much of their parental responsibility to their children. They let their children tell them what to do, the kids have NO manners and no respect for anybody. Kids are obnoxious and think they know everything. They don't. This parenting style also doesn't allow kids to be kids, and have fun and play. Parents bring their children to political rallies, and see and do other adult things. Back in the day, my parents told me and my siblings what to do and what not to do, and that was it. if we disobeyed we got punished. and corporal punishment was always on the table.
  • no they are to be seen and not heard they will follow the rules end of story.
  • after about 5 years old...
  • Murzy is right with their answers.
  • Consulted? Yes. You have the right to make rules for yourself. When you start making rules for others, you're automatically skating on thin ice. Ultimately? Your house, your rules. Just keep in mind how parental rules impacted you when you was under their thumb. Keep in mind there are good rules and bad rules; necessary rules and unnecessary ones. No one likes a control freak, nor tolerates one for any longer than necessary.
  • parents need to set boundaries for children which is where setting house rules come in. kids shouldn't have any say. they should be TOLD!
  • They will follow the rules better if consulted.

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