• I think they should be told whatever that parent decides to tell them. That's no up to anyone else.
    • Linda Joy
      I was asking as someone in that perspective asking for advice on what to tell my child if I were in that situation. (watching too much NCIS again!)
    • Archie Bunker
      If you were in that situation, I think you'd know when/if the time was right to tell them. You'd know your child better than anyone else (I'd hope)
  • probably nothing, they dont need to know all that
  • Yes, I can see it now"Here is the police E-fit of your father and the news article of when I was raped by him. you have his cold dead eyes". Go find him and rape him in revenge.
    • Linda Joy
      No one said they were still alive.
  • I don't think they need to know how they were conceived.

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