• Coronavirus as a class of viral particles? No. It's been around for eons and will continue for eons. SARS-Cov-2, specifically, maybe, although I have doubts that it will be eradicated completely during our lifetime. It would have been so much easier to have prevented it in the first place, but, since the discipline to prevent it from becoming pandemic was lacking less than a year ago, I don't believe that human society is disciplined enough to eradicate it during this generation.
  • It will never end but it will slow down when most people get vaccinated.
  • No, it's with us for good.
  • Yes it will end. Pfizer developed a pill recently that is 90 percent effective. And it works in people who already have it, so now the anti-vaxers have no excuse.
  • Of course it will end eventually. All things come to an end.
  • As long as the Liberals stay in power, it will continue. The Coronavirus was created in China as a biological weapon to be used against a public that threatened the expansion of Marxism. We can see that clearly in Fauci's lies to Congress about funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan. We see more evidence of it in the open border policy that Biden promised he would control but never has made the slightest attempt - he has only expanded it. As long as the Marxist Democrats can bring unvetted illegals into the US and keep COVID going, they can exercise the "emergency powers" policy and keep issuing mandates that put federal control over the welfare of the people. They have ruined the economy, cut off the supply chain, increased illegal immigration every month, and kept the mandate going. Their irresponsible and ever-increasing spending is driving this country into bankruptcy - the price of everything has increased exponentially in just the few months Biden has been at the helm. They're still trying to take out Trump because he represents a threat to them. If people keep electing Marxist Democrats, they're signing their own death warrant.
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      Is that link supposed to contain anything of substance? I hope you think so because it has no point to the rest of the free world.
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  • The coronavirus will end eventually the same as other pandemics from the past. It will fade away in time
  • It will when most of the world's population gets vaccinated.
  • I think if everyone eligible throughout the world get their two vaxes and their booser there will be herd immunity. Ergo the ending of COVID.

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