• Never! O m gosh! that's a HIPAA violation! $10,000 to $50,000 Per violation fine for the healthcare facility! And a lawsuit for the person whose information was compromised! I WISH they had given my asshole investigation results to someone else! Cha ching! I would NEVER advocate collusion to defraud insurance! But this IS a true violation! I know if I were the victim I'd want to know this information. If I were the health care provider I'd want to keep this information from getting out. Either should be willing to pay for the information or a suppression of that information. Now tell me in your words what you think I just said.
    • pearllederman
      i know its a hippa violation but they probably did it by accident and i dont want to be nnean by reporting it. I just thought id just send it back and explain what happened so theyre nnore careful. I didnt know what else to do but send it back, plus i was getting stuff done at their hospital, i didnt want to be nnean by reporting it
  • It happens but its a major problem. I would make a point to make a phone call to the head of gastroenterology, to be sure s/he specifically knows. If its just written down in some log somewhere, assuming its just not forgotten, its not going to have much impact. You wouldn't be doing it in an accusing or angry fashion, more like a "this happened, you might want to find out what went wrong" sort of thing. They need to track down the problem and fix it. Probably its an employee (not a computer glitch) and, if the employee is not a problem to begin with, they'll get an incident report learn a lesson.
  • Everything came out alright though, right?

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